Any Device

App based technology enabling all devices for RollBook.
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Geo-mapping technology allowing you check routes in real time.
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About Rollbook
Safe, Secure, Attendance Management.

RollBook is the benchmark in secure, automated, mobile journey management and monitoring. Roll Book is a multi-device, secure platform created by school transport experts specifically to make life easier for supervisors, keep parents informed and ensure kids & passengers are always accounted for and safe.

Perks of Rollbook
Stay Secure with Rollbook.

Affordable & Efficient Pricing

No need for additional hardware or specific devices. App based technology enabling any device.

Safe, Secure & Reliable

Know where your students are, at what time and on what vehicle. Travel knowledge means the ultimate security insurance for your students.

Efficient & Intuitive

Speedy integration, real time manifests, delay notifications, Free up your time for more strategic work and less travel paperwork chasing.

24/7 Support Service

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’ve got access to a 24/7 client and user support agent.

Ease of Use

The application feature set includes transaction overview, sending and receiving payments, price charts, payee management and a indicator displaying.
Let's get started
Get Started with Rollbook within Minutes.

Single Sign-on

Seamless user integration with familiar sign on protocols as per your current systems. Easy use means easy engagement.

Instant Manifests

Know who was on your bus immediately, including random riders! Reconcile faster, increase revenue.

Timely Notifications

Notifications on delays or early arrivals. You decide who see’s what information.

Vehicle Tracking

Geo-mapping technology allowing you to see where your students are and what route they are taking.


The highest standards of data protection and sovereignty.

Tap ON/OFF Student ID

Using current NFC technology on current student ID’s. No need to change systems or distribute new tools of use.

Download Rollbook

Get started with Rollbook and ensure your travel requirements are safe and secure.